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I was born in Savannah, GA August 17th 1939. There I attended kindergarten, elementary and junior high school. During the summer of 1953 my parents moved to a small town named Coosawhatchie, eight miles north of Ridgeland, SC. It was there I attended 4 years of high school from which I graduated in May of 1957. After high school I attended college for a couple of years then joined the United States Air Force. I was honorably discharged in October 1963.

In March 1965 I married my bride and wonderful wife Jane. The following March she gave birth to our first child Denise and in March 6 years later she gave birth to our son Howard. God could not have blessed a man with a more wonderful, loving, caring wife and mother as He blessed me.

Our family moved to Cartersville, GA in January 1974. In July 1974 I gloriously met Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior while attending church at Douglas Street United Methodist Church. That was the beginning of a walk that would carry my family and me into uncharted territory on a scale that was totally unimaginable at that time in our life. In May of 1979 the Lord spoke to me, “Build Me a Christian FM Radio Station in Cartersville, Georgia”. Initially, I was in complete shock not to mention the fact I had no money, no knowledge of radio and no connections with anyone who did.  I had no business experience and definitely no knowledge of the process necessary to build a radio station. After many sleepless hours of prayer, fasting and seeking God for answers the radio station signed on the air January 24th 1983.

There are now two full-time stations on the air plus ten translator stations accompanied by two High Definition (HD) stations; WUBL Atlanta & WKXJ Chattanooga.

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Ed & his wife Jane

Jane is the Co-Founder and Vice President of IBN.


The English language is inadequate to express in words the wonderful life Jane and I have during our marriage which began in 1965. She was and is a tower of strength, a spiritual warrior, and the best friend a man could ever want. Whenever the going got tough while walking in the desert of God’s Will she was there to hold up my arms and encourage me through those seemingly endless times of uncertainty and doubt. She is a true counselor and it goes without saying she is the Godliest woman a man could ever want or desire. I can truthfully say without Jane this ministry may have never seen the dawn of day as I could not have walked this walk without her. Jane is my true gift from God. She was given to a man who many said would never amount to anything. God and Jane made the difference.


Denise and Howard; what can I say? God has truly blessed Jane and me with two absolutely wonderful, blessed children. They are very considerate, thoughtful, and respectful to their parents, their children, and their God. When Howard was an infant God spoke to me one evening while holding him in my lap feeding him. I was gazing at his less than one year old baby face; while his blue smiling eyes gazed back at me the voice of God resonated through my being “Thy Seed Shall Spread the Gospel”. I immediately knew in my heart He was saying Seed plural. From that moment each of our children have had an irrevocable calling on their lives. Today they are fulfilling that calling by speaking His Word over and through the airways going around the world by means of radio; the most powerful instrument available today in getting the Good News to the world.


Drew, born in July 1989 and, Jon, born in September 1993 are the sons of Denise and Brian Barnette. Krissa, born in March 1997 is the daughter of Howard and Shannon Tuten. These three grandchildren are Grand Apples in the eyes of Jane and me. Each of them, different in personalities, are one in the Lord. Each has his or her own way of dealing with situations and circumstances. I praise God all three are born-again. It is our prayer that each will in some capacity serve God to the fullest. As their parents are, they also are respectful, thoughtful, and caring of others…especially their parents and grandparents. All three are true and wonderful and I personally thank God for each of them.


Being from the “old-school”, my favorite artists are the Gaithers (the Vocal Band and the Homecoming Series), and Sandi Patti.


“We Exalt Thee” by Petra, “High Up On The Mountain” by the Gaithers, “I Bowed On My Knees” by the Gaithers with Michael English, “We Shall Behold Him” by Sandi Patti, and “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” by Sandi Patti and Larnell Harris. These are in my opinion timeless and should never be forgotten.


Pizza.  The only problem today is finding a good pizza prepared correctly.  It is almost impossible, unless you do it yourself :)


It has always been a deep desire of my heart to see Lake Louise in Canada and go to Alaska, not just a cruise but spend time in the interior going to places such as Anchorage, Fairbanks and onto the Artic Circle. That desire was finally fulfilled by God’s grace in June of 2006. My one remaining desire is to return to Alaska in the winter to see the Northern Lights and Alaska’s unmatched beauty covered in snow.

“Dream Vacation to Alaska!”


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