Love is too big for one person. Love is meant to be shared. Love is bigger than pain and hurt. Love is always greater. Love is without limits. Love always wins when we allow it to be used. It’s the most powerful word we know. Love is the word used to describe GOD, it’s that POWERFUL! If you want to be powerful, love somebody. God is love. If you want to show someone your God, love them.


God gave us the faith to continue before we ever thought about quitting.


When Jesus was with his disciples on a boat, headed to the other side, a raging storm blew in. The storm was so bad the disciples lost awareness that Jesus was on board the ship with them. Maybe the storm in your life is so bad your focus is lost in it. But don’t worry, Jesus is on board. Jesus doesn’t leave us, we just lose awareness because of the severity (harshness, intensity) of the storm(s), but He’s still there. I want to awaken our awareness today that Jesus is still on board with us, and because He’s on board the ship isn’t going down, and you are going to make it to the other side of this trial.

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