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PRAISE REPORT FROM A LISTENER SENT TO US BY EMAIL… Hello, From around September to the end of November of 2014 I was going through some extremely financial struggles. I became very ill from worry. Me and my two kids were homeless, staying with different people due to my financial situation. One day I found your station […]


God is still working on the canvas of your life. He’s using every detail by taking the negative spaces, and hi-lites, and working all things together for your good. He is making (you) HIS MASTERPIECE! What brings real value to a piece of art is not the canvas or the paint, but the ARTIST! You are […]


We say they want to be “Christ-like”, well Christ considered himself meek and humble. To humble yourself is to position yourself and have a willingness to listen to the commands and/or the correction of the Lord, and obey His voice.

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