On May 24, 1979 God spoke to Ed Tuten to build a Christian FM radio station in Cartersville, Georgia. After a long period of learning and research WCCV signed on the air January 23, 1983 as a small 100 watt FM radio station.

Later became the Immanuel Broadcasting Network as translator stations (low power transmitters redirecting the signal from WCCV on a different frequency) were added to extend the coverage area. The transmitting power of WCCV was increased and a new station was added called WJCK located in Cedartown, Georgia which was later relocated to Piedmont, Alabama.

IBN started as a small radio station reaching only the city of Cartersville but has become a network of stations and translators broadcasting across NW Georgia, SE Tennessee and NE Alabama. A global outreach began in October 1996 when IBN became one of the first radio stations to stream audio through the internet.

IBN is a non-commercial 501(c)3 broadcasting organization funded by its listening audience. The mission of Immanuel Broadcasting Network is to continue spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world providing a faith based, conservative alternative to the broadcast media with continuous Christian music and Christian programming.

The complete story of IBN and how God raised this ministry to what it is today is written in a book by Ed Tuten named,”CRY FROM IMMANUEL MOUNTAIN”.


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