Corporate Leadership


The life changing journey God prepared for Ed Tuten as founder and President of Immanuel Broadcasting Network brought many life changes. The changes mandated a transformation of Ed’s lifestyle and thought processes simply to believe his God was a limitless source.  The lessons of humility, learning about God and who He is aided Ed’s long term dependence on God as he began to understand his childhood self sufficiency was really his enemy disguised as pride. Hence, Ed’s future victories necessitated the gift of faith to believe this ministry could be completed regardless of obstacles and people of little or no faith choosing negativity over the sure promise of God. As one of the tools of preparation for his future with IBN, Ed’s experience in the military taught him the value of respect as he was quickly propelled into leadership over 100 plus young men during basic training. In his new military role, Ed gained the accolades of military officers for leading outstanding performances with his squadron at that time. It was the military that birthed the character development allowing Ed to be the pliable vessel of God he is today.  Additionally, the military provided Ed with his background in accounting and the subsequent technical education provided the necessary knowledge he now readily uses to move the ministry forward as it continues to grow.
It is Ed’s tenacity, faith and willingness to serve with a loving heart and Godly attitude that makes him the leader he is today. When asked of Ed how his wife, Jane, directly impacted Immanuel Broadcasting his response is, “Her closeness and sensitivity to God and His Spirit set a standard for this ministry to follow. I can honestly say without her I do not believe this ministry would be here today as it is.” Ed’s emphatic declaration of prayer dictates that it is only through prayer that answers and revelation are made known to us. Ed’s belief about prayer is clear, “I firmly believe that God hears and answers prayers and is the communication process He devised for us to talk to Him and it must be used.”

Neil 2014

Neil usually starts his days at 6am, everyday, greeting thousands of listeners by presenting an encouraging and uplifting dialogue format for the early risers.  Neil started with IBN in 1989 while IBN was still in its infancy stages. In those days, Neil recalls how the music had to be lined up simultaneously using a turntable and a CD player, since 45’s were quickly fading into history with the inception of CD’s. Neil’s on-air format has developed over the years while listening to other announcers and gaining new idea’s that have been included in the morning programming. It’s difficult to ever believe Neil’s biggest challenge starting out with IBN was overcoming fear of talking on-air. It’s evident by the calls that come into the ministry, the primary reason people listen to IBN is for the ministry aspect as it supports their spiritual growth and maturity. As the ministry grew, Neil’s role became increasingly important. In addition to his ongoing encouraging presence on air every morning Neil also oversees critical components of the ministry, including quality of network sound, hiring of all IBN and Messiah Radio staff as well as compliance with FCC requirements. Neil and his family reside in the nearby city of Adairsville.

Patrick Miller


It isn’t often you’ll find Patrick without something funny to say or without a smile forming on his face.  It’s Patrick’s consistently positive disposition through out the years that has made a direct impact on the IBN underwriters and listeners who’ve grown accustomed to his sincere on-air announcing as one of the staff announcers for IBN.  As a result of Patrick’s tenacity with the underwriters, they have come to believe in the vision of the ministry. It’s common to hear statements like these from our underwriters, “We love you guys and really appreciate what you’re doing; the station is such a blessing.”  Patrick’s entrance into the ministry started shortly after he was born again as an adult. Patrick recalls, “I got saved but I didn’t know I would be working here until the day that we moved into this building.” In his daily tasks, Patrick successfully transitions from IBN Comptroller to Announcer and Underwriting Representative. Patrick’s previous experience in finance lending precisely prepared him not only for the financial duties involved at the ministry but also Patrick’s salvation in his adulthood enables him to relate more closely with the lives of those who call into the ministry for prayer or a word of encouragement. Outside of his responsibilities at IBN, Patrick enjoys rearing his children with his wife, Lisa, as well as working out and playing golf.


Rarely does Howard not know the title or artist name of those aired at the ministry.  Howard’s ear for music started a long time ago, even when he was unaware his future included his current position of Broadcasting Director at IBN.  When asked, “What prepared you for your present?” Howard’s quick response is, “Praising God through circumstances and singing through the pain.” The early days of learning how to trust God for himself started when Howard ventured out on his own as a young adult. He invested himself in several pursuits while using his God given talents and gifting. Not only was Howard a successful hairstylist, his accomplishments also include the gifting of an excellent cook and a present day graphic artist for the ministry. Howard’s varied talents also include a dynamic ear for music, and thankfully so, as he strictly critiques and maintains the exceptional music quality at IBN. In his down time, Howard enjoys raising his only daughter Krissa with his best friend and wife, Shannon.

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