IBN just passed through one of the hardest summers (financially) in recent history accumulating a little over $100,000 in past due bills, some of which dated back to March.

In spite of the summer struggles, the management and staff of IBN have maintained an attitude of Faith and courage. We believe God will meet the needs of this ministry as He has done since 1983, through the listeners who have a passion for this radio station.

Although donations have been down due to summer activities, we believe we are stepping into a new season and it’s about to turn in our favor. This financial drought must end. Go with us into a new season, a season of blessing and favor!

To participate during our Fall Share a thon with a one-time love offering or to partner monthly over the next 6 months, click on the “QUICK GIFT” link at the top left hand side of this page.


Hurting people – hurt people. You can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else. Forgiveness begins the healing process.


Some things are permissible, but not beneficial. We must discipline ourselves. There are some things you must simply say no to. Remember these two things; 1) If you don’t pick it up, you won’t have to lay it down. 2) If you don’t start it, you won’t have to stop it.

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