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By Howard Tuten

Director of Broadcasting

Seasons will change as long as the earth remains. Everyone knows summer is a time of heat and pressure. Sometimes the heat is almost unbearable. We will attempt to find ways to stay out of the heat and stay as cool as possible. Some people may go to the pool, or head for the beach as a means of relieving the heat and pressure. After all, we can only take so much. We can find some relief simply by changing our garments to accommodate the new season.

Have you noticed how Spiritual seasons run parallel to natural seasons? There are Spiritual summers we must go through as well. You know, those times when heat and pressure are applied to our character to force us to produce? In times like these we need to run to the spiritual pool, which is the water of the Word of God to cool us off, and enlighten us with peace.

Natural clothes deal with an outward appearance, Spiritual clothes deal with an inward change. It changes how we view our circumstances. The Word of God tells us to put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Are you wearing your garment of praise, which is lighter and cooler, or are you wearing the clothes that trap in the heat and cause you to overheat (the garment of heaviness?)

Are you allowing the heat of the moment to get to you, or are you swimming in the water of the Word to relieve you from the heat? The garment of praise will bring instant relief to the inward man. Praise is a Spiritual act that changes how you view your condition. It magnifies the Lord which is over all seasons (Naturally and Spiritually). You can either magnify the Lord and stay cool, or magnify your condition and overheat. God has given

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